We must change the path we are on.

Well if anyone does not believe that the media is not completely in charge of this election then they are fools.

CNN Debate Republican side Anderson Cooper shutdown Huckabee and Paul.

Now Coulter and Fox get their two more cents after barring Paul before New Hampshire.

The media is going to pick your President whether you like it or not.

Your Constitutional Rights are under complete attack with the Patriot Act and your mind control police are changing your TV channel to speak in one voice.

They have donated their money, and manipulated public opinion to the candidates they know will make the best TV Shows. Don't you vote away "their" investment.

You have now been told the following:

Republicans you WILL vote for Willard.
Democrats you WILL vote for Hilary.

If they have to they will hand deliver voters to the polls to make this so.

Be sheep!

Or vote exactly opposite their will.
Vote Paul on the Republican side.

Vote Obama on the Democratic side.

Then watch the Bloomberg factor step in with tons of money to save the day as a third party choice. Your Media to the rescue!

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