Mass Media and the War.

We are seeing a troubling election. In a time of war opinions of the people should count increasingly higher. This is not the case. What we are seeing is a National Media bent on War. War makes news and that means money for the Big Media companies.

So when an anti-war message is delivered to the people of America the machine starts it's work.

First, show that the war works. Parade the happy Iraqis out in the open.

Second, call us ant-American because we don't support the troops. I what them home to support new families.

Third and the most surreptitious, say nothing. Complete news black out. Don't give anti-war the airtime.

Fourth, portray anyone who protests as a nutcase. Remember the first years of Vietnam.

We are living in a media closed society. Own by fewer people than at anytime in the history of the United States.

Rant against me if you want but look to the screen you watch and see if you can the control of your view points on display.

Wake up America. It is happening. I'm not a Ron Paul supporter but I see what is happening to him as the quintessential media freeze out of all time. God save our country from the chosen few who own the media.

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