It takes guts to speak out

Another supporter of Ron Paul. Dann Lewis speaks out for the antiwar movement and anti-spending.

Super Tuesday

The Country watches Super Tuesday today.  Let us all hope that this country looks to peace as it's number one reason for voting.  Mr. McCain really needs to lose badly.  The message must be peace not war.

We must change the path we are on.

Well if anyone does not believe that the media is not completely in charge of this election then they are fools.

CNN Debate Republican side Anderson Cooper shutdown Huckabee and Paul.

Now Coulter and Fox get their two more cents after barring Paul before New Hampshire.

The media is going to pick your President whether you like it or not.

Your Constitutional Rights are under complete attack with the Patriot Act and your mind control police are changing your TV channel to speak in one voice.

They have donated their money, and manipulated public opinion to the candidates they know will make the best TV Shows. Don't you vote away "their" investment.

You have now been told the following:

Republicans you WILL vote for Willard.
Democrats you WILL vote for Hilary.

If they have to they will hand deliver voters to the polls to make this so.

Be sheep!

Or vote exactly opposite their will.
Vote Paul on the Republican side.

Vote Obama on the Democratic side.

Then watch the Bloomberg factor step in with tons of money to save the day as a third party choice. Your Media to the rescue!

Mass Media and the War.

We are seeing a troubling election. In a time of war opinions of the people should count increasingly higher. This is not the case. What we are seeing is a National Media bent on War. War makes news and that means money for the Big Media companies.

So when an anti-war message is delivered to the people of America the machine starts it's work.

First, show that the war works. Parade the happy Iraqis out in the open.

Second, call us ant-American because we don't support the troops. I what them home to support new families.

Third and the most surreptitious, say nothing. Complete news black out. Don't give anti-war the airtime.

Fourth, portray anyone who protests as a nutcase. Remember the first years of Vietnam.

We are living in a media closed society. Own by fewer people than at anytime in the history of the United States.

Rant against me if you want but look to the screen you watch and see if you can the control of your view points on display.

Wake up America. It is happening. I'm not a Ron Paul supporter but I see what is happening to him as the quintessential media freeze out of all time. God save our country from the chosen few who own the media.

Ending the War is more important than any of our petty differences!

I am on a mission to stop a war. This is a political conflict and not a war on terror. That being said it can end politically. The Democratic Party has given the anti-war movement a huge opportunity that we should not squander in Michigan. This is a chance to tell the nation we want the war to end now!

Michigan Democratic primary electoral votes will not be counted due to Party arrogance. That means that voting Democratic is a waste of time and energy. Here is where we can take this farce and make a true difference in BOTH Parties.

Vote for Ron Paul in the Republican Primary!

I know, I know he is not electable. Who cares. He is the ONLY REPUBLICAN with guts enough, and may I add Congressman of either party, to vote against the war. His own party is against him. The media is against him and calls him a nut for always voting against the grain.


Let us make a political decision on our own to send the strongest message possible to the media. I don't like any of the other Republicans anyway and most of us in the anti-war movement feel the same way. So in Michigan we can "kill two birds with one stone" so to speak and make Romney, Huckabee, Giuliani, Thompson and especially the true nutcase McCain and his, 100 years of War, eat crow.

This will keep Ron Paul screaming an anti-war message right through the Republican National Convention. Sweet as it can get!

Swallow your pride, close your eyes, say the words "I want a Republican ballot" and go do your job. I issue a pox on both your houses to the political parties. Democratic Party shame on you for your arrogance and controlling manner. Republican Party stop talking about managing the killing and then voting for McCain the insane.

Change your Party Now and make a difference. Don't just sit back and complain or whine. You can still vote for who ever you want to in the big show come November but today, right now, this country needs your support to stop the killing.

End this war by all means at your disposal.

Vote Ron Paul in Michigan don't be "uncommitted" be VERY COMMITTED!!!!!!!!