Ending the War is more important than any of our petty differences!

I am on a mission to stop a war. This is a political conflict and not a war on terror. That being said it can end politically. The Democratic Party has given the anti-war movement a huge opportunity that we should not squander in Michigan. This is a chance to tell the nation we want the war to end now!

Michigan Democratic primary electoral votes will not be counted due to Party arrogance. That means that voting Democratic is a waste of time and energy. Here is where we can take this farce and make a true difference in BOTH Parties.

Vote for Ron Paul in the Republican Primary!

I know, I know he is not electable. Who cares. He is the ONLY REPUBLICAN with guts enough, and may I add Congressman of either party, to vote against the war. His own party is against him. The media is against him and calls him a nut for always voting against the grain.


Let us make a political decision on our own to send the strongest message possible to the media. I don't like any of the other Republicans anyway and most of us in the anti-war movement feel the same way. So in Michigan we can "kill two birds with one stone" so to speak and make Romney, Huckabee, Giuliani, Thompson and especially the true nutcase McCain and his, 100 years of War, eat crow.

This will keep Ron Paul screaming an anti-war message right through the Republican National Convention. Sweet as it can get!

Swallow your pride, close your eyes, say the words "I want a Republican ballot" and go do your job. I issue a pox on both your houses to the political parties. Democratic Party shame on you for your arrogance and controlling manner. Republican Party stop talking about managing the killing and then voting for McCain the insane.

Change your Party Now and make a difference. Don't just sit back and complain or whine. You can still vote for who ever you want to in the big show come November but today, right now, this country needs your support to stop the killing.

End this war by all means at your disposal.

Vote Ron Paul in Michigan don't be "uncommitted" be VERY COMMITTED!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! Only Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are truly against the war, against WTO, NAFTA, and for restoring our civil liberties!

What is wrong with this country? Why does everyone say they want to end the war, but then they vote for McCain, Clinton and Obama? Just look at their voting records.

The war will never end until we elect a true anti-war candidate.

Both Parties are exactly the same - owned by the same special interests. I'm sick of all this crap!
Obama is a pipe dream - he will never win because people don't trust that he really is against the war. People trust Hillary more, and she is FOR the war. I know, people tell me they are afraid Obama, with no experience, will be co-opted just like Bozo Bush was.

Read this, it makes perfect sense:

John said...

Ron Paul is definitely electable. If you know about much about Ron Paul you would know that as President he certainly would not stand for either party trampling on the rights of any citizens, including everyone in Michigan whose votes that the Democratic party believes do not count.

Ron Paul will be our next president.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul wants to empower the individual with the ability to fight big business and big government. He is the only candidate true to the ideals espoused by our founding fathers. Ron Paul votes against taxes, big government, and loss of liberty. He is the only Republican candidate who speaks for social conservatives, but speaks against the neocon agenda. Vote Ron Paul.

Roger said...

To all the Dr. Ron Paul supporters,
Congress is in need of New People with the right ideas.
Ideas that Protect and Defend Our Constitution, so lets start thinking on running for Congress (house or Senators) and start replacing the well establishment in congress.
Ron Paul supporter from all corners of this beautiful land using this powerful group force as Dr. Paul message is can united start selecting a candidate among you to run for a Senate seat with a strategy in mind to eventually replace the majority of senators which based on their vote are chipping our constitution and tramping our rights.
This is a long term strategy that it must start taking place now otherwise it we will have the same flavor we currently are having.

United, this new youth can make a different! Not just by supporting Dr. Paul but by running for a Congress seat (House or Senator).


Anonymous said...

thank you, sir. cheers!